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Real Food In Pregnancy: Truth About Growing Your Baby

You’re determined to be the best mother, right from the start. You want to grow your baby to be healthy. And, you want to make sure that while breastfeeding, you continue to nourish yourself so you can make the very best milk for your baby. How can you actually do that? Well, how about eating real foods? But what would those be? Join Marie and her guest, Lily Nichols RDN, CDE, author of Real Food in Pregnancy. Find out how Lily’s approach to prenatal nutrition differs from conventional information that we’ve heard for years. What are some of the number one foods that pregnant or breastfeeding mamas should eat, and why? What mistakes do most women make about nutrition? What are some of the biggest myths about nutrition in pregnancy, and why are your prescribed prenatal vitamins less than ideal? What is choline, and why is grass-fed beef or bone broth so important? Which recipes in Lily’s book did Marie like? Get the answers to these questions, and many more in this interesting episode.

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