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Should You Become a Lactation Consultant in Private Practice?

Let’s see. You’re trying get your IBCLC certification, and you feel sure your dream job is to be in private lactation practice. Right? But do you know what that entails? Join Marie and her guest, retired IBCLC Judy Eastburn who worked as a lactation consultant in private practice in the greater Dallas area for more than three decades. What will it be: Booking office visits, or doing home visits? Pursuing clients who can get their insurance to pay for the visit…or accept only clients who pay cash? Selling or renting breastfeeding equipment…does it make sense? Is it realistic to have only a part-time private lactation practice? Are there some hidden time-consuming activities that you can’t bill for? What about liability insurance for your practice…or any other types of insurance? Do you really need an EIN? Get a glimpse of how a lactation expert and a businesswoman learns how to establish, maintain and grow a private lactation practice.

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