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Marie’s Online Lactation Exam Review: Frequently-Asked Questions

Uh-oh. You see that lactation exam lurking around the corner. You’re huffing and puffing, wondering how you’re going to slog through the 105 subtopics that are fair game on that exam. It’s your first time. Or it’s your third time. Or you’ve failed before and you know that failing is a real possibility. Will Marie’s course work for you? Maybe! Marie has helped more than 5,000 IBCLCs from 6 different continents, and she can help you, too! Join Marie for answers to the most frequently-asked questions about her highly-acclaimed Online Lactation Exam Review course. Marie describes the course in terms of its content, methods (audio, video etc.), what is or isn’t required to complete it, access and availability, and how long it might take some people to complete it. Plus, Marie invites you to get your questions answered for FREE about anything related to the exam – and beyond – by signing up at

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