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Winning a Scholarship to a 90-Hour Lactation Education Course

Aimee Sing started out like so many others. She was hoping to complete a 90-hour lactation education course and learned about the annual Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship. Aimee envisioned hundreds of people applying, and having her application get lost in the shuffle. Yet, she realized that she stood no chance unless she applied. Join Marie and her guest, Aimee Sing, PhD, as they talk about her journey to becoming an IBCLC. In this episode, Aimee shares her realization that she wanted to move down a new career path, and how she needed her IBCLC certification in order to carry out her mission to improve breastfeeding and birthing support for women. Amy talks about the depth and breadth of what she now knows is not just meeting the requirements for the IBLCE exam, but also, building a strong foundation for her future practice in direct care and global advocacy.


  1. esraa awad

    I have purchased several books from your respected website. my last purchase was the decoding photo on January ,2021 . I would like to win the chance of 90 hours lactation education course.
    kindly assist me .

    • Marie Biancuzzo

      The Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship application window is now open through May 31. You can learn more about the scholarship and submit your application here.

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