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Breastfeeding and the Working Mother: Making it Work!

What’s it like to be the breastfeeding mother of three small children when you’re also a criminal defense attorney? How do you pump at a 200-year-old courthouse that doesn’t have an electrical outlet in a private place? And since by definition an attorney represents someone else, how does that affect your ability to take a break, the time you need to show up for work, and even the clothes you wear? Can you take several months of maternity leave if you are self-employed? Is it okay to put your children in daycare, or does that make you a second-class parent? How does the COVID pandemic play into all of that? Join Marie and her guest, Caitlin Aarab, JD, as they talk about these and other issues that any young professional woman faces. Be sure to listen to Caitlin’s final insight on how breastfeeding families can get through it all and make it all work.

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