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Encore Your Quick Guide to Traveling with your Breastfed Baby

Are you planning to take a trip, a visit, or a vacation? Aren’t all of those the same? No, not really! Each has some specific implications for the impact on traveling with your baby. Car, train, plane: What will work best for a breastfeeding baby, a mother who is pumping, or both? How much extra drive-time do you need to build into your car trip to reach your destination on time? You’ve got to pack, but how can you plan for diapers, feeding gear, snacks, clean-up, and pump equipment? What about a backup plan, especially if you’re in a rural neighborhood where overnight delivery of a replacement part isn’t possible? With all of the conflicting information about storing and saving, what do you need to know about transporting your milk? Then, of course, there are the little extra hassles like if you don’t have access to electrical power, potable water, or if your family criticizes you for breastfeeding your baby. Join Marie as she answers these and many more questions!

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