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Counting to Ten: The First Ten Days

After the first few days, you begin to settle into new parenthood. Between feedings and diaper changes, you’ve had some time to get used to the new baby in your family, to figure out his needs, and to find out ways to communicate with him. But still you’re adjusting. You wonder what you can expect as you reach the ten-day mark. Tune in for discussion of milk production at this point in breastfeeding, as well as changes in your baby’s appetite and milk consumption, stooling, growth, and feeding cues. We’ll talk about differences you can expect to see in your baby from one week ago, as well as other possible challenges you might be facing: end of postpartum care (e.g., doula, family support), return to routines, rigors of pumping, and more. Coping can be hard, and many mothers give up breastfeeding at the ten day mark. Your baby was born to be breastfed; listen for information and strategies that will help you over the ten-day bump.

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