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Welcome Home, Mom and Baby! The First Three Days

During pregnancy, you’re focused on your baby’s arrival. There’s little time to think about afterwards, about your first days as a mother with a new baby in your arms, relying on you. What will your body be like in the early postpartum days? What will your breasts be like? What can you expect from your baby, in terms of behavior, feeding, sleeping, and diaper output? What strategies can you take to make these first days easier for your new family? What tips can help make each breastfeeding session somewhat easier for you both? How can you make sure that the help of friends and relatives really is more of a help than a hindrance? If you have an older child at home, what can you do to make this transition the best it can be for the new big sibling, too? What if there are sore nipples, latch problems, unresolved jaundice, or other problems? Tune in for discussion of what you can expect from your body, your baby, and your family during the first few days home.

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