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The Breastfeeding Journey From Day 1 to Year 1 and Beyond

As your baby grows and changes over time, so too does your breastfeeding experience. Breastfeeding a one-year-old child is very different from breastfeeding a newborn. Join Marie Biancuzzo for a discussion of what you can expect from your breastfeeding journey, from the first day through the first year and beyond. Marie will talk about the stages of growth in breastfeeding through the first twelve months, highlighting those areas that figure prominently in your baby’s behaviors, needs, and capabilities. This show will touch upon physical growth, social and emotional development, and nutritional factors related to changes in your baby’s breastfeeding overtime. How does breastfeeding meet your baby’s needs throughout the first year? How do feeding cues change over time? How will teething affect breastfeeding? How will you know your baby is ready to begin complementary foods?

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