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Breastfeeding and Relactation

Not every breastfeeding journey is a smooth one. Some mothers find themselves floundering and quit. Some may temporarily interrupt breastfeeding due to a medical directive. Any of these women may want to—and be able to—reestablish a milk supply and resume breastfeeding after a period of days, weeks, or even months. Listen as Marie talks about relactation with special guest, nurse and dietitan Chris Jepson, RN, RD. Having breastfed her first child, Ms. Jepson wanted to breastfeed her second, adopted baby. So she set upon the path of relactation, to restart a milk supply 18 months after weaning her first child. How is breastfeeding different for the mother who must relactate in order to provide her milk for her child? Why do some mothers choose to relactate? What steps can help the mom initiate lactation? What strategies are most effective? For questions, e-mail anytime.

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