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Ten Myths About the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

You’ve heard the term “baby-friendly hospital,” but do you know what it means? You may be aware that there are “ten steps” or criteria that hospitals must do in order to be considered “baby-friendly” and supportive of breastfeeding. Do you know what they are? And do you know the truths about them? Tune in as Marie reflects on her experience as a nurse and past president of Baby-Friendly USA to explain the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, and delve into how it can be an asset not just for newborns but also their parents and hospital staff. From policy development and staff training through prenatal counseling and postpartum education, rooming-in and breastfeeding on-demand through breastfeeding support, pacifiers, formula supplementation, and more Marie explains the truth of Baby-Friendly efforts in a show that will benefit families and health care providers alike. For questions, e-mail anytime.

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