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Breastfeeding the Older Baby

Like other aspects of parenting, breastfeeding is dynamic. It changes over time. The newborn phase of 8 to 12 feedings in each 24-hour cycle doesn’t last forever (even if it may feel interminable during the first sleep-deprived days after baby’s birth!) What can mothers and fathers expect in terms of the child’s feeding and feeding-related needs and behaviors over time? How does breastfeeding continue to support the child over time? What are some of the typical challenges of a full-length breastfeeding relationship, from the first feeding through weaning? And why should you continue, anyway? Join Marie Biancuzzo and special guest Linda J. Smith for a discussion of the joys and struggles shared by many mothers who breastfeed from the newborn phase through the toddler years. Every experience is unique, but there are universal themes that are sure to resonate with all breastfeeding mothers. Questions? Call 866-472-5792 during this live show, or e-mail

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