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Informal Milk Sharing in the Modern Age

Throughout history, mothers with an abundance of milk have shared it with those in need. Although aggressive marketing by the infant formula industry has convinced many that the artificial product is more convenient than and at least as good as human milk, research continues to prove otherwise. However, while the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) continues to add member milk banks, the need for human milk across the continent and the globe outpaces their ability to provide it. The “human babies need human milk … [a] free-flowing resource … to survive” led Emma Kwasnica to develop a global informal milksharing network known as HM4HB, to connect modern families in relationships of milksharing so that babies’ needs can be met. Listen as Emma and Marie discuss the benefits and risks of informal milk sharing. Questions? Call 866-472-5792 during the show or e-mail

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