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Five Fool-Proof Ways To Focus On And Meet Your Your Breastfeeding Goals

Standard health recommendations of exclusive breastfeeding for the baby’s first six months sound fine to many expectant mothers. But only 40.7 percent of U.S. mothers are still exclusively breastfeeding at 3 months of age, and that figure drops to 18.8 percent – fewer than 1 in 5 mothers – by 6 months of age. What are the reasons behind the apparent disconnect between what is recommended for baby’s health, mother’s intentions, and feeding behavior? There are a number of potential obstacles that affect success with any endeavor, including breastfeeding. Why are these giant boulders, for some women, and speed bumps for others? Join host Marie Biancuzzo for five fool-proof ways to focus on and meet your breastfeeding goals. Questions are always welcome at

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