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Breastfeeding Your New Arrival: Beyond the Myths

If you’re expecting the arrival of your new baby soon, this episode is for you. You’ve probably heard a lot of advice about what you can expect from the first days of breastfeeding—and it’s a sure thing you’ll hear a lot more from hospital staff. Sadly, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Tune in to find out the truth about breastfeeding at the start. Do you need to breastfeed on both sides every time? Is bathing your baby the top priority after birth? Do you need to pump in the first day or two? Can you skip nighttime feedings in the hospital? Can you send the baby to the nursery? Why do all breastfed babies get jaundice? Marie helps to bust the myths and set you on the course to clarity as you prepare to welcome your new baby to your family. Questions? E-mail anytime.

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