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Beyond ‘Pump and Dump’: Medications and Breastfeeding

“My doctor wants me to take this medicine, but tells me I’ll need to stop breastfeeding.” Leading health experts recommend that mothers continue breastfeeding for at least a year or two, and many mothers want to meet these goals. When medical care is necessary, the use of medications can cause worry or concern about breastfeeding. Some mothers are told—correctly or not—that they can’t breastfeed their baby after taking a particular medication for treatment, or as part of diagnostic testing. In truth, some medications are not compatible with breastfeeding, and some are nothing to worry about. Do you need to pump and dump? Do you need to wean? Marie and special guest, expert pharmacist Ann Davis, RPh IBCLC cut through the “medication = weaning” myth. (Note: As always, the content of this show is for informational purposes only. Always speak with your physician or your baby’s phyosician or other health care provider before making medical decisions.

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