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The Nursing Mother’s Quick Guide to Essential Oils that Actually Work

Recently, everyone seems to be exploring the touted benefits of essential oils. But hardly anyone knows what to believe! Are they safe? Effective? What about nursing mothers? Do any or all of these essential oils actually work to treat common postpartum ailments or breastfeeding problems? And, if they are said to be safe and effective, how do we know that information is credible?
Join Marie and her guest, certified aromatherapist Lea Harris, as they provide answers you wish you knew. Here, you’ll discover which essential oils most experts consider to be safe or unsafe for breastfeeding mothers, what essential oils might be helpful for postpartum problems like yeast or thrush, postpartum cramps, sleep issues and more. Get the real scoop on shelf life. And, if you’re trying to find your own informational resources or buy your own essential oils, you’ll get solid tips how to spot trustworthy quality—as well as the fakes the frauds. And, listeners will get Lea’s special discount offer!

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