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Moms, Don’t Manage Your Time! Manage Your Focus to Get Your To-Dos Done

Your baby needs to nurse. But when you sit down with her, you find yourself thinking something like “What am I doing? I have so much to do. This takes so much time!” Yet, you are taking the time to nurse because you know it’s important. What’s a nursing mother to do?

Listen as Marie’ guest, Jill Farmer, explains how you can’t manage your time; you can only manage your focus. Find out how you can accomplish more meaningful activities in less time. Jill will help you see how productivity is more dependent the mindset you have than on the tips you use. (But she does give tips!) And, she’ll also show you how to stop subconsciously sabotaging precious time, and how to shift patterns in your life so that you can do what you need to do and yet enjoy your breastfeeding journey.

Maybe you’ve tried every tip and trick but still feel overwhelmed. This is a “must-listen” for every mother who feels caught between the many “must do”s in her life.

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