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Happy Birthday, Baby-Friendly! The Inside Story on a Life Changing Initiative

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! This year’s theme is ‘Sustainable Development,’ and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative -BFHI- is an essential element on that—helping to secure health for all in a highly sustainable way from the start. Join Marie to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the BFHI with a physician and health advocate who was a key player in launching BFHI. Mark A. Belsey MD, former head of WHO’s maternal and child health division, gives us an inside look at the international effort that gave birth to BFHI. If you’ve been thinking that ‘baby-friendly’ is a US thing, or a new approach to mother-baby care, you need to tune in for the real story.
Join Marie as she talks with Dr. Belsey about how he and the late James Grant realized that breastfeeding was an essential to the WHO’s mission of ‘Health for All’ worldwide and developed the BFHI. It wasn’t a smooth ride, but it has been vitally important to global health, as the 25 years since its inception have shown.

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