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30 Years Later: This is STILL How to Make Breastfeeding Difficult

In 1986, Linda J. Smith wrote an article titled, “How to Make Breastfeeding Difficult.” More recently, the article has been posted on several contemporary web sites. Why is it that a tongue-in-cheek article enjoys such popularity 30 years after it was written?

Join Marie and her guest, Linda J. Smith MPH, IBCLC, FACCE, FILCA, as they review outdated information, unsubstantiated advice, and derogatory comments from healthcare professionals, family and others. If you’ve been led to believe that sore nipples are “normal”, or that the baby must “get used to” a bottle, or that you don’t have enough milk to grow your baby, stay tuned while Marie and Linda debunk these and other decades-old yet contemporary myths. If you’ve been bombarded by these or many other baseless comments that undermine your confidence or make breastfeeding difficult for you, stay tuned for a very lively discussion.

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