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Encore: Full Arms, Heavy Heart: Depression in New Mothers

For mothers who expect their baby’s arrival to mark a period of joy and happiness, the reality of shifting hormones and the demands of parenthood can be a rude shock. Join Marie and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA for a discussion of depression in new mothers. What are the “baby blues” and what is postpartum depression? What is the role of breastfeeding in a mother’s well-being and mental health? What do we know about the causes of depression? What is the relationship between breastfeeding and depression? What treatment options are available for breastfeeding mothers struggling to cope with feelings of depression? Tune in Monday at 6 PM ET for a discussion that might help you—or a mother you know—with breastfeeding and other aspects of new parenthood. Questions? Call 866-472-5792 during the show or e-mail anytime.

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