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Step Out of the Traps, Move Towards Your Fears, and Conquer Your Anxiety

Is your mind racing with worries about your new baby? You sense bodily, physical symptoms: dizziness, tingling, nausea or more. But wait! Isn’t anxiety all in your head? Some experts say that anxiety is adaptive: worrying is normal for new parents. Others say it’s maladaptive. So what’s normal worry, and what’s not? What’s fact, and what’s fiction? Join Marie and her guest, top anxiety and depression therapist and host of StraightTalk, Sandra Reich. Learn how fear—a protective mechanism from an evolutionary standpoint—can be destructive anxiety in today’s world. Become aware how the story in your head affects you. Become enlightened on why it’s important to move towards your fears and recognize how women—often stuck in the victim, martyr, caretaker trap—can experience extreme anxiety. You’ll be surprised to learn that medications aren’t the only answer—or even the best answer—to relieving anxiety. Overcome your hesitation to get help—and free yourself to live a better life.

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