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Postpartum Depression: Learn When and How to Get Help and Get Your Life Back

Postpartum depression is not so different from depression in other periods of life—but it can seem overwhelming. Many women experience pregnancy, labor, and delivery as stressors. For those who are predisposed to depression, these stressors can trigger symptoms, yet they may resist talking to a therapist. Join Marie as she talks with psychologist, author and “mommy mentor” Dr. Kimberly Thompson about postpartum depression. Find out what factors increase the risk of developing postpartum depression, and how to differentiate between “baby blues” and postpartum depression. Learn simple strategies that can help, recognize some of the myths that stop new mothers from seeking professional help, and get tips on how to find a therapist who can help. Don’t miss this show if you or a loved one is grappling with this all-too-common problem.

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