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The Intergenerational Secret Service Inside You–and Your Baby!

How would you feel if a secret service agent was assigned to protect your baby’s body for the rest of her life? Safe? Reassured? And what if that secret service agent required no training, no salary, and no special effort to protect your baby? And even more amazingly, would you want that secret service agent for your baby if you knew it would also protect your grandchild? Yes? Are you wondering how you can get such a secret service agent for your child—and her children?

Listen as Marie and her guest, author and filmmaker Toni Harman, talk about the microbiome and how there is not only one, but over 700 unique species of “secret service agents” for your breastfed baby! Do formula-fed babies enjoy as much protection as breastfed babies? Um, no. Are there ways to increase the number of protective microorganisms in each newborn? Yes, absolutely. Don’t miss this intriguing episode that helps you to let these protective microorganisms in the window of opportunity to—before it slams shut.

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