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Nighttime Parenting: Struggling with Breastfeeding and Solitary Infant Sleep

The struggle is real. You’re torn between exclusive breastfeeding your baby and getting some real, quality sleep for yourself. New parents’ early days are, as Marie’s special guest anthropologist and author Cecilia Tomori, PhD notes, “fraught with the intense challenges of learning to breastfeed and helping their babies to sleep so they can get rest themselves.” And that’s just the start of it. Parents face conflicting advice from peers, family members, and even health care providers. Guidance about breastfeeding and solitary infant sleep often seem at odds. What’s a parent to do?
Tune in for an insightful conversation about the issues many breastfeeding families struggle with every night. How can you meet your baby’s needs for breastfeeding, and everyone’s needs for sleep? You’ll begin to see nighttime parenting and breastfeeding through a different lens.

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