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To Suck or Not to Suck? Benefits and Risks of Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies

You’ve heard that breastfeeding will protect your baby from SIDS, and you’ve heard that pacifiers do, too. But don’t pacifiers cause babies to have “nipple confusion”? Or are they just a handy tool for calming a fussy baby? It’s time you sort the facts from the myths—before your baby is crying and you’re on the spot, trying to figure out whether to give the pacifier and if it is a help or a problem.

Join Marie as she talks with experienced speech pathologist Debbie Betts to find out the truth about pacifier use. You’ll learn the risks and benefits, as well as when to introduce pacifier use, when to use it with your baby, and when to wean from it. You’ll learn about different types of pacifiers, and how you’d know if the pacifier affected your baby’s speech or feeding in a way that needed follow-up. It’s the must-listen show for anyone who needs to sort out the truth of pacifiers—expectant parents, new parents, and professionals.

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