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Empowerment: What’s the best-kept secret for birth and breastfeeding

Many women want birth and breastfeeding to go this way, not that way. They create a clear birth plan, go to childbirth education classes, and read all the books. But when the big day arrives, intervention after intervention often takes center stage, and the birth plan fades into the shadows. Research repeatedly confirms that doula support decreases the likelihood of obstetrical interventions, and increases the likelihood of successful breastfeeding initiation and continuation. Yet, few mothers hire a doula.

Is a doula an expense, or an investment? Join Marie as her guest, Amber Thomas, explains how the role, training, and skills of the doula are very different from those of a partner, nurse, or midwife. Empower yourself whether you are planning for an unmedicated labor, epidural anesthesia, or even a cesarean delivery. Find out how one-on-one service, advocacy, good fit, and flexible customization of your birth plan and can help you to transform your plan into a reality.

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