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Avoiding Formula Supplementation in the Hospital:Your Quick Guide

You’ve heard that exclusive breastfeeding is the key to achieving an abundant supply of milk. Your goal is to make sure your healthy, term newborn doesn’t get supplemental fluids. But somewhere along the line, you wonder if your baby’s doctors and nurses will support your goal in the hospital. Is it true that hospitals frequently give supplemental formula to breastfed newborns? What about Baby-Friendly hospitals…will they respect and support your goal? When is breastfeeding contraindicated, and when is formula supplementation truly needed? And what’s the worst thing that could happen if your baby is supplemented with formula…is it really that big of a deal? And if it is, what are the barriers to exclusive breastfeeding, and how do you overcome them? Join Marie as she busts the myths, clarifies the facts, and gives you the nitty-gritty tips to make sure you can overcome the barriers to exclusive breastfeeding during your newborn’s hospital stay.

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