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Tongue and Lip Ties: New science challenges the status quo

So your newborn is having difficulty breastfeeding, and three different experts have said he has a posterior tongue-tie, and needs laser surgery! Yet, your pediatrician says the surgery is unnecessary. You end up with many questions about what—if anything—is wrong or needs intervention.

Listen as Marie’s guest, seasoned researcher and physician Dr. Pamela Douglas insists that normal variations in newborn anatomy are being diagnosed as tongue ties or upper lip ties, resulting in unnecessary invasive surgery. She recalls having seen many babies “who have worsened breastfeeding problems—and oral aversions in particular—after their laser frenotomies or deep scissor frenotomies.” See how imprecise terminology and overused “diagnoses” have led to a staggering increase in invasive surgical interventions for these anatomical variations, despite clear evidence for their efficacy. Learn how to ask the right questions and begin to see more than one solution for the breastfeeding problem.

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