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Surgical Correction of Tongue-Tie: It isn’t the only answer

You feel sure you’ve got milk, but your baby isn’t getting it. A few experts have insisted that he has a posterior tongue-tie. Others assert that he is swallowing air when he breastfeeds. He’s pulling away from the breast, arching his back, appearing frustrated, screaming or “tuning out” during feedings. In a desperate attempt to improve the breastfeeding experience, many parents opt for surgical correction of the tongue. But is that the answer?
Join Marie and special guest, Dr. Pamela Douglas, for discussion of new research that uses ultrasound technology to explain the role of the tongue in transferring milk to the baby. Surgical correction does not always improve breastfeeding, and why is that? Learn what oral and tongue movements are critical to milk transfer and which are not, as well as the role of baby’s oral reflexes. Find out what you can do if your baby is experiencing this situation, and why many tongue-tied babies can successfully breastfeed without having surgery.

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