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Collecting, Storing and Using Your Milk: The Latest Guidelines

You’re getting ready to pump your milk and store it for later use. You’ve read books, talked to your friends, and checked online, but you’re still not sure about the rules. There’s so much contradictory information out there, and you have so many questions. How long is “too long” for your milk to be at room temperature? (Here’s betting that it’s longer than you thought!) Is milk that’s been frozen for more than 6 months okay to give to your baby? And what’s the best way to store your milk? How do you thaw it?

Join Marie as she talks with Dr. Anne Eglash about the latest guidelines for preparing, collecting, storing, and thawing milk, according to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Find out answers to info you’ll need, like: Is it okay to re-freeze thawed milk? Can you mix milk you pump at different times? Why can’t you use zippy bags for your milk? Do you need to wash your pump parts each and every time? Get the scoop that will help keep your milk safe for your baby.

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