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Encore: Military Families: Serving Their Country, Breastfeeding Their Babies

Like civilians, parents in the military service of their country face many issues: mixed messages about how to breastfeed, living far from their extended families, and having a fairly short maternity leave. But for military families, these issues are intensified, and accompanied by other issues impact breastfeeding. However, mothers who serve in the military—or their spouses—may find that they enjoy some privileges that civilian breastfeeding mothers might not.

On this Veteran’s day, join Marie and her guest, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Jarold (Tom) Johnston. If you or your spouse or family member are pregnant, lactating, get Tom’s tips to reduce the impact of relocation, Army policy, and day-to-day structure on the breastfeeding and postpartum experience. And—you’ll hear some news about what military breastfeeding families are now entitled to, and some data that show the astonishing success military hospitals have achieved related to birthing and breastfeeding.

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