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Cue-based feeding: A skill all parents should master

You might have heard the term “cue-based” feeding or “on-demand” feeding. Do you know the difference between the early cues, and the late cues? Or, perhaps you learned about early or late cue-based feeding, but you now that your baby is here, it’s not always easy to recognize those cues. Today, Marie and her guest, Emily Cunningham talk about the easy-to-recognize cues, as well as the subtler cues. When should you to trust those cues, and when should you wonder: is there a situation where the clock is important?

Whether you’re a parent or a professional, you’ve probably bumped into some factors that make it easy to learn the newborn’s cues, as well as some that, quite truthfully, were barriers to learning the cues or being able to act on them. Listen as Marie and Emily tell you about a quality improvement project that raised awareness at Emily’s hospital of how to make cue-based feedings easier for parents, as well as for professionals, and the importance of a multi-level approach.

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