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Lactating After Loss: Companioning Bereaved Mothers and Families

Pregnancy and/or infant loss brings tremendous and life-altering sorrow to expectant families. In particular, the death of a child upends the imagined trajectory of the breastfeeding relationship. Some mothers who have experienced such a loss find healing by expressing and donating their milk. Others do not. How do we help all to know their options, support their efforts, or fend off inaccurate breastfeeding advice? In this episode, Amy Wright Glenn—author, doula, chaplain, and creator of the “Holdings Space for Pregnancy Loss” training—focuses on how pregnancy and/or infant loss connects to breastfeeding.

Whether or not you have been personally impacted by pregnancy or infant loss, you may find yourself wanting to make a connection with and become a companion to bereaved families. Join Amy and Marie as they help you to hold the space, speak the words, and companion the lactating mother within the broader human context of what it means for us mortals to live, love and let go.


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