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Encore: You Can Breastfeed Your Baby During the Busy Holidays and Celebrate Too!

It seems inevitable. For many of us, the holidays bring joy and festivity, but also stress and an overfull to-do list. New parents are often charmed by sharing family celebrations and seasonal favorites with their young baby, but it can feel overwhelming. Are you wondering if you can survive this holiday season? You can! Tune in as Marie helps you figure out how to navigate the season’s particular challenges–from family gatherings with annoying critics to traveling across the miles to dealing with common breastfeeding problems to figuring out whether you can have that traditional New Year’s champagne—without going bonkers. Listen for advice that will help you meet your baby’s needs, you family’s needs, and your own during this hustle-bustle season without sacrificing your breastfeeding goals. Join Marie for essential strategies that will help you not just survive but thrive this holiday season.

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