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What You Don’t Know About Breast Pumps and Insurance Coverage

You feel sure that your insurance plan will cover the purchase of a breast pump. But beyond that, what can you be sure of? You might simply assume that you can select any pump you want—and get it when and where you want it. That’s often not the case at all! More importantly, your insurance company might not cover the pump you need for your circumstances. And might you be better off renting a pump? But if you’re entitled to own a pump, why would that make any sense?

Join Marie and her guest, Robin Williams, as they jolt you out of any complacence or assumptions you might have about insurance covering your pump. They’ll tell you what might—or might not happen—and how that can affect you. Listen as they bust many myths, and clarify the facts about insurance and breast pumps, and help you to become your own best advocate, before it’s too late.

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