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Hand Expression: Getting Your Milk In a Way That Doesn’t Suck

Face it: You are not in love with your pump. Hooking yourself up to a machine that literally sucks the milk out of you isn’t something you enjoy or look forward to. Yet, day after day, you do it so that you can provide the goodness of your milk for your baby. But are you sick of hooking yourself up to a machine and having all the hassles of assembling, using, disassembling and cleaning pump parts? Plus lugging the pump around, losing tiny pump parts or not finding an electrical outlet? Wondering if is there an easier way?For many women, there is!

Join Marie as her special guest, Francie Webb, tells how she hated pumping, and accidentally discovered how to hand express—and get several ounces without really trying! Even if you’ve tried hand expression unsuccessfully in the past, it’s a good bet that you’ll hear Francie’s tried-and-true tips, and want to try it again!

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