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Encore: Babywearing Your Preemie in the NICU, A Beginner’s Guide

Having a preemie can be stressful and frightening for many parents. Instead of having your baby in your arms while ‘rooming in” with you, he’s in a bed in the NICU with beeping machines and medical staff at the ready. The feeling of distance created by the demands of your baby’s health condition, which require others to be his primary caregivers, can make it hard to feel like you are “mothering” your little one. Tune in as Marie speaks with Jennifer Canvasser about how babywearing in the NICU can help your baby’s health and give you a sense of connecting with your baby. Find out how you can keep your baby safe while babywearing -in spite of the many wires and tubes-, and learn how to get support for babywearing in your hospital’s NICU. Learn from Jennifer’s experience as the NICU mom of twins, and get the “how to” tips you need to help you care for your preemie. Questions? E-mail

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