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Craniosacral therapy for breastfed infants: Worth Exploring?

Maybe you’ve already heard about craniosacral therapy for your newborn, or older baby. Understandably, you may feel skeptical. Your questions might start with, “What is it?” And, you’d be likely to follow that with questions such as how it works, if it’s painful, and whether it’s effective. As an informed parent, you’ll need to ask these questions along with others related to the expertise of the practitioner, the cost of the treatment, and much more. If you’re open to using craniosacral therapy, get clear on what’s fact and what’s false.
Join Marie and her special guest, therapeutic bodyworker Carol Gray, LMT, CST, RPTY and specialist in craniosacral therapy for mothers and infants. Carol insists that not all breastfeeding problems start in the mouth. In this episode, you’ll get answers to many of your questions about this alternative therapy, and some resources to help you make the decision as to whether this therapy might be right for your infant or young child.

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