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Joy in Motherhood: Cultivating the Fullness of Yourself

Once you become a mother, you realize your world has shifted. There comes a redefinition of self, that expands to encompass the lives you have created and will nurture to adulthood and beyond. We each embark on a journey to find a balance that feels right for us, to give the best of what we have to our children while still finding ways to nurture ourselves – our health and wellbeing as well as our dreams and passions. Many of us may struggle with feelings of guilt or resentment along the way.
Join Marie and special guest, Rachel Martin, popular blogger at Rachel gives us insight in how to deal with the everyday struggles of mothering while carving out that critical time for ourselves. Rachel highlights the difference between happiness and joy and shows us how having a village—one that exists or one that we create—is a necessary part of living in fullness and joy as mothers.

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