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What No One Told You About Augmentation Surgery and Breastfeeding

Breast augmentation surgery is the most common type of cosmetic surgery. In fact, about 1/4 of a million women undergo the procedure each year—often before they are old enough to seriously consider what impact, if any, it will have on their ability to lactate. Whether you’re just considering breast augmentation surgery or you’ve already had it, you owe it to yourself and your baby to ask plenty of questions. Are saline or silicone implants safe while lactating? Is nursing possible with after augmentation surgery, and if so, is it true that the type of incision predicts milk supply? What other breastfeeding issues might crop up, and how can they be overcome? What’s a capsular contraction, and is it worrisome? What about risk of rupture and sequent leaking. How about getting mammograms?
Join Marie to learn the questions to ask, the possible problems that can occur and how to overcome them, and some resources to help you be in control of your breasts and your breastfeeding experience.

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