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Labor and Birth in Water: The Impact for Breastfeeding

Labor and birth in water is becoming an accepted practice in Australia. But many women in many parts of the world aren’t familiar with this idea. And, they might wonder if having a water birth is possible or practical in the hospital or at home.
Join Marie and her special guest Lois Wattis CM, FACM, IBCLC, as they dispel several myths about water births. Do water births offer any advantages? Under what circumstances would a water birth be safe? Do water births increase the risk for infection? Can the fetal heart rate be monitored—either intermittently or continually— when the laboring mother’s belly is submerged under water? Won’t the baby drown…if not why not? And is it true it’s more difficult for a baby to breastfeed if he has been born under water? Whether you choose a water birth or not, you’ll be fascinated to hear Lois tell the research that supports this “new” practice which is actually not new at all.

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