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So Where’s Your Postpartum Plan? A Quick Guide to a Long Journey

You’ve heard others say how important it is to create a birthing plan. Maybe you even created a birthing plan for yourself! But who has ever created a postpartum plan? And why should they? Once you’ve had the baby it’s all smooth sailing, right? Maybe. Unless you feel like you’re set adrift in a sea of undone tasks—and you’re already exhausted.
In this episode, Marie and her guest, postpartum doula Erin Huiatt, explain the importance of creating a plan to make your postpartum course, including your breastfeeding experience, a little smoother. You’ll get insights into questions you might not have thought of, hurdles you didn’t know you’d need to jump, and tips on how to enable others to provide the help they would honestly like to give. You can choose what’s important to include in your plan. But having that plan in advance helps you to nurture yourself and your family—and be nurtured by others.

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