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A Quick Guide to Breastfeeding and Custody Issues

Custody battles are never pretty. Courts use a number of considerations to determine the outcome of such battles. Why is it that the breastfeeding relationship is often not considered, or its importance minimized? Is it that breastfeeding isn’t on the court’s radar? Is it that the courts are uninformed, or misinformed? Or is it something else? And how does breastfeeding complicate custody arrangements?
Join Marie and her guest, Shannon McKenny Shubert, Executive Director of the Michigan Breastfeeding Network. As a breastfeeding advocate, Shannon explains issues from a legal as well as cultural perspective. Learn about the actions and reactions of mothers, fathers, lawyers, judges and friends of the court—and how the child’s age impacts the situation. Explore how or if the courts have a supportive role for breastfeeding couplets, and discover what all of us can do, right now, to promote, protect and support breastfeeding as child custody threatens the nursing relationship.

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