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From Staff Nurse to Podcast Host: My 5 Year Reflection

Over the years, hundreds of people have asked, Marie, how did you get into the breastfeeding business? In this episode, you’ll find out how Marie’s early struggles led to a successful career in promoting, protecting, and supporting breastfeeding. Just as importantly, you’ll realize that wherever you are in your own journey, personal or professional you have the ability to help yourself, and to help others. Find out what Marie deems to be critical skills needed to help others to breastfeed, even if you don’t yet have any formal knowledge or credentials. And, you’ll be inspired! Marie claims that being a top host on VoiceAmerica’s Health & Wellness channel for five years given her a bigger platform to continue promoting, protecting, and supporting breastfeeding, as Born to Be Breastfed airs in 65 different countries. Best of all, this is a rare opportunity to hear some personal anecdotes that shaped Marie’s past and will shape her future.

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