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Baby Cafe’s Peer to Peer Support Model

We all agree on the importance of support for breastfeeding mothers. But how can we get—or give—that support? You might not need a one-on-one appointment and expertise of an IBCLC. A support group run by La Leche League or Breastfeeding USA might not appeal to you. Yet, you’d like a little more than good advice from a friendly neighbor. Is there any other option? Yes! You could drop into a Baby-Café! With multiple locations throughout the United States open one or more times a week, this model has a proven track record for good outcomes.
Join Marie and her special guest, Lucia Jenkins, founder of Baby-Café USA. See why the Baby Café model works in many settings and is flexible enough to accommodate different community profiles. Learn how you can get support from specially-trained staff, share experiences and make friends, and engage in open-forum discussions. Or, if you want to start a Baby Café, find out how little time, effort, and money it takes to get it up and running.

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