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Weaning and the Breastfed Baby: Your Quick Guide to Success

Weaning is about the process of getting the nursing baby to stop nursing. That’s simple enough to understand, right? But is there more to know? Oh yes! With so much criticism of weaning a baby who is too young or too old, we all need to ask ourselves…what’s the social norm, and what’s the biological norm? What can we learn from other cultures, or other mammalian species? Is it possible that parents misinterpret the baby’s interest in weaning? Is the baby trying to wean himself, or is he staging a nursing strike? If he is simply disinterested, what three possibilities might explain the disinterest? What’s a nursing strike, and how do you resolve it if you recognize it? What can you do or not do to help the breastfed baby consume table foods? On the whole, how can you make weaning from the breast a better experience for the baby and the entire family? Listen as Marie gives some evidence-based insights and some practical tips.

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