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Encore: Mothers On the Go: Breastfeeding and Pumping in Airports Across America

It’s a major barrier many mother encounter at one point or another: the lack of airport accommodations for breastfeeding or pumping. You’re on the go, flying for work or pleasure, with or without your baby. Before you know it, it’s time to feed your little one, or pump the milk he’ll need upon your return. The airport staff points you to the bathroom, but that’s just gross, wet, germy, and unpleasant. Do you skip emptying your breasts and accept the risks of engorgement, mastitis, and flagging milk supply? Do you bust out your pump in the passenger waiting area? What can airports do to better accommodate women who are traveling with their pumps? Special guests for this podcast include blogger Jeremy Blachman (“How One Trip to the Airport Made Me a Feminist” on, his wife Nina, Director of Aviation Gene Richards (Burlington International Airport), and lactation station developer Sascha Mayer (Mamava).

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