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Breastfeeding and Childcare: What Does It Mean for Families?

As more and more infants are enrolled in childcare facilities, it’s important for parents and providers to know how this arrangement affects the breastfed baby. National guidelines are only that; they give guidance but not mandates. Does your state have mandated standards related to breastfeeding in these facilities? If so, are the standards in your state exemplary, and promote breastfeeding? Or do such standards inhibit breastfeeding? Is a bottle-propping pillow allowable in your state, and will a caregiver use it for your child if you provide milk in a bottle?

Join Marie and her guest, Dr. Sara Benjamin-Neelon, PhD, JD, RD, as they discuss the impact of non-residential childcare facility policies on breastfeeding. Sure, you’ll consider cost and convenience. But if you want to maintain the breastfeeding relationship with your child, learn what questions to ask, how to advocate for yourself and your child, and how to stay informed. Visit to get free resources!

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