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Is Exclusive Breastfeeding Dangerous?

Maybe you’ve read on the internet that exclusive breastfeeding is “dangerous”. Is the “danger” real? Or are you reading the result of the sensationalism that abounds these days? Join Marie and her guest, Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC, as they raise questions about recent internet campaigns that have cropped up about the “dangers” of exclusive breastfeeding. Might some of the “dangerous” reports reflect opinion or misinterpretations? Might some social media reports be written by ghost writers? Certainly, adverse events can and do happen to breastfed babies, but Marsha cautions that sensational headlines are often sparked by writers who seemingly “cherry-pick” to make points. Then, such data are fueled by missing or distorted facts, or by inaccurate conclusions. Marsha and Marie give an eye-opening view of how to become an informed consumer of reports, and how to find information and resources you need to continue your breastfeeding journey.

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